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Rensys Engineering and Trading PLC.

About Rensys

Rensys Engineering & Trading PLC is an energy solution company based in Addis Ababa.  It was established with the aim of playing its role in providing renewable energy solutions for energy-deprived communities. Since its establishment, the company has electrified millions of lives through SHS, solar mini-grid, and solar lanterns.

As energy is an enabler for socio-economic development, we give emphasis to the Productive Use of Energy.  The solar mini-grids we commissioned and the SHS we are distributing have two things in common-

    • supplying clean light and
    • providing income-generating appliances and features too.

The company imports directly and sells to clients. It also distributes products in various areas all over the country.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to provide clean, sustainable and affordable renewable solution (for lighting, water pumping, irrigation, village electrification, Productive Use of Energy, PUE) for the off-grid sector of Ethiopia and contribute its share to achieve target 7 of SDG in Ethiopia

As a social responsible company, Renesys envisioned to become a renewable energy service provider and play its role in fighting the energy poverty of rural Ethiopians and take 60% of the solar energy market of the country in 2025

☑️ Lead with vision, Be committed to understanding, meet, and exceeding the renewable energy needs and expectations of the rural people at large and of customers in particular.
☑️ Respect,  Respect customers and recognize that the income generated allows Renesys to be competitive.  Recognize employees of Renesys as the most valuable assets and create a conducive working environment that allows them to develop and grow

☑️ Excellence, Be committed to delivering quality and reliable renewable power at affordable price to our customer
☑️ Integrate, Be ethical and honest in all aspects
☑️ Accountability,  Be accountable to all stakeholders

Top Stories of Rensys



Ominivoltic M600

Ominivoltic TV System


RainMaker 2S with Battery

RainMaker 2S Direct

RainMaker 2C with Battery

Rain Maker Kubwa


Mobisol TV System


Dlight D150

Dlight S500

Dlight S3

Why Switch to Solar?

Our Services

We work with solar home system last-mile distribution partners to reach every corner of the country

☑️    Rensys is the pioneer turnkey – EPC player in the Ethiopian PV solar industry. Solar Mini-grid plants installed by us continue to be the best performing plants in the country. With our in-house engineering and construction teams, we strive to leverage our technical experience and industry know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy-efficient PV solar plants. We provide complete end-to-end solutions including complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for our customers seeking to build solar power plants.

☑️    We provide solar irrigation equipment coupled with a pro-poor financing scheme so that marginalized farmers with irregular and low incomes can be owners of pumping technologies. We have also a solution for post-harvest loss management through a solar-powered cold room.

☑️    We are one of the leading solar home system distributors in the country. We are not a sell-and-run company- we build brands that stick to customers’ minds. We impacted millions of lives through our SHS and solar lanterns

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